Teamwork-oriented integrated modeling method for geo-problem solving


Journal:《Environmental Modelling and Software》

Cite as:Chen M, Yue S, Lü G, Lin H, Yang C, Wen Y, Hou T, Xiao D, Jiang H. Teamwork-oriented integrated modeling method for geo-problem solving. Environmental Modelling & Software, 2019, 119:111-123.

Abstract:Currently, studies on constructing integrated modeling solutions in a web-based environment primarily focus onthe chaining of different model-services, while the flow of exploring solutions for complex geo-problems –geographically distributed issues – has been less studied. To address this gap, a teamwork-oriented integratedmodeling approach to supporting geo-problem solving based on the collaborative work of different modelers isproposed in this article, with a workflow from conceptual, logical, and finally, computational modeling. In thisapproach, conceptual, logical and computational models are discussed and constructed using a graph-basedmethod, a flowchart-based method and a service-configuration-based method, respectively. By building thecorresponding repositories for managing and comparing different versions of conceptual-logical-computationalmodels, dispersed modelers can propose their own ideas and explore appropriate solutions based on existingmodeling resources. A prototype modeling system was established, and two experimental modeling cases wereconducted to verify the feasibility and capability of the proposed approach.