Current status and future directions of geoportals


Journal:《International Journal of Digital Earth》

Cite as:Hao Jiang, John van Genderen, Paolo Mazzetti, Hyeongmo Koo & Min Chen (2019): Current status and future directions of geoportals, International Journal of Digital Earth, DOI: 10.1080/17538947.2019.1603331

Abstract:Geoportals are a consolidated web-based solution to provide open spatial data sharing and online geo-information management. Their roles and possible advancements according to the Digital Earth vision and implementation require investigations. This paper presents a review of the literature concerning geoportals and serves the following primary purposes. First, various geoportal approaches for discovering and accessing Earth observation data and geo-information, mainly with scientific purposes, are summarized according to their characteristics and functionalities. Second, current major challenges in geoportals are identified in terms of functionalities, technologies, and especially big data support, from geoportal cases of China. Finally, based on lessons learned from the international and Chinese geoportals, solutions and recommendations for the challenges in geoportals are proposed in terms of their architectures, services, and technologies. The results show that geoportals usually provide access to distributed data systems, offering maps, data discovery, and data downloads. Some of them are also capable of offering online analysis and processing service, enhanced semantic search engines, and dynamic visualization tools. The strength of geoportals could lead to a full-fledged online Digital Earth system that could provide better data sharing and dissemination solutions to the challenges posed by big data.