OpenGMS Lectures(十七):"Disaster remote sensing information extraction and sustainable development" by Fang Chen 2020/10/28
OpenGMS Lectures(十六):"The economic impact of the low-carbon energy transition: a comprehensive simulation based on new cost data and health benefits" by Prof. Can Wang 2020/10/16
OpenGMS Lectures(十五):"Modelling Air Pollution Exposure and Public Health impacts" by Prof. Stefan Reis 2020/10/09
OpenGMS Lectures(十四):"Understanding uncertainty and how this impacts on model calibration" by Prof. Barry Croke 2020/09/04
OpenGMS Lectures(十三):"The Dynamic Process of Southern Yellow Sea and the Evolution of Radial Sand Ridges" by Prof. Yaping Wang 2020/08/28
OpenGMS Lectures(十二):"Discussion on Geographical Spatio-temporal Data Processing" by Prof. Yong Ge 2020/08/22
OpenGMS Lectures(十一):"Integrated ecology research in the era of big data: from observation to prediction" by Prof. Shuli Niu 2020/08/14
OpenGMS Lectures(十):"Big Spatial Data for Urban and Environmental Sustainability" by Prof. Bo Huang 2020/08/06
OpenGMS Lectures(九):" Gradual inhomogeneity of land surface climate observation data in China " by Prof. Kaicun Wang 2020/07/31
OpenGMS Lectures(八):"Urban pattern and mobility: the perspective of big data" by Prof. Tao Pei 2020/07/24
OpenGMS Lectures(七):"Spatiotemporal data processing and analysis in the era of big data" by Prof. Liqiang Zhang 2020/07/17
OpenGMS Lectures(六):"Groundwater quality in China and the mechanism of high-arsenic groundwater" by Prof. Huaming Guo 2020/07/10
OpenGMS Lectures(五):"The Cracked Earth:New geoscience ideas based on the mechanics" by Prof. Chunan Tang 2020/07/03
OpenGMS Lectures(四):"Modelling Socio-Environmental Systems" by Prof. Tony Jakeman 2020/06/26
OpenGMS Lectures(三): Reflections on urban space and mobility: an information scene perspective 2020/06/19
OpenGMS Lectures(二):“Geographic Modeling & Simulation” by Prof. Guonian Lü 2020/06/12
OpenGMS Lectures(一):“Cognitive change from GIS to virtual geographic environments” by Prof. Hui Lin 2020/06/05
[ Science ] Call for transparency of COVID-19 models 2020/05/01
OpenGMS joins CoMSES's Trusted Digital Repositories 2020/04/29
Hydrological Information Modeling and Comprehensive Simulation Forum(Dec 21, 2019, Nanjing) 2019/12/21
Exploring Interoperability of Open Modeling Platforms has been founded 2019/12/15
OpenGMS Team Attend the 23rd International Congress on Modelling and Simulation in Canberra, Australia 2019/12/08
OpenGMS Team Attend The 7th National Virtual Environment Conference 2019/10/31
Academic report by Prof. Christophe Claramunt: On the Representation of Life Trajectories: from Structured to Unstructured Representations and Explorations 2019/10/11
OpenGMS Team Attend the 11th International Symposium on Digital Earth 2019/09/27
Academic report by Prof. Kolditz: Water 4.0: Digitization for Water Pollution Control 2019/09/04
OpenGMS Team Attend The 27th International Conference on Geoinformatics. 2019/07/01
1st Regional Conference on Environmental Modeling and Software (May 18-20, 2019, Nanjing) 2019/05/18
OpenGMS Team Attend The 15th Annual Conference of China's Geographic Information Science Theory and Methodology held in Taiyuan 2018/11/05
OpenGMS Team Attend The 5th Young Scientist Forum of Earth Science in Nanjing 2018/10/28
Academic report by Professor Daniel P. Ames: ” Advances in Cyberinfrastructure for Hydrologic and Environmental Science Hydro Share for Data Sharing+Tethys Platform for Web Applications” 2018/09/20
Academic report by Doctor Lucia Munoz Franco: "Trends in Open Access and Elsevier’sOA Strategy" 2018/09/19
CCG report by Bowen Zhang: Research on distributed parallel operation method of terrestrial carbon cycle model 2018/08/30
OpenGMS Team Attend 9th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software in Fort Collins U.S. 2018/06/23
A.Stewart Fotheringham, Professor at Arizona State University, teaches at Nanjing Normal University 2018/06/12
Academic report by Professor Wei Ji:"Urban Landscape Dynamics: Trends, Drivers, Indicators, and Scales——A Case Study of Coupled Effects of Human Impact and Climate Change" 2018/05/28
Academic report by Professor Tianxiang Yue:"A fundamental theorem of Earth’s surface modelling" 2018/05/05
Outstanding Research Paper Award for Young Scientist, International Society for Digital Earth 2018/04/16
EGU PICO report by Chaoran Shen, Bowen Zhang: A service integration platform for geo-simulation in the distributed network environment 2018/04/09
You Xiong, PLA Information Engineering University, visited Nanjing Normal University 2018/01/16
Academic report by Professor Robert Laurini :"Geographic Knowledge for Territorial Intelligence and Smart Cities." 2017/11/06
Conference:"The Sixth National Virtual Environment Conference" 2017/11/05
Academic report by Professor Mechael Batty :"New Tools for Understanding and Planning the Smart City." 2017/09/25
Academic report by Professor Kaicun Wang :"Explanation of the Uncertainty of Climate Change Detection." 2017/09/12
Our school has successfully held the "International Workshop on Open Geographical Modeling and Simulation" 2017/08/18
Academic report by Professor Xinyue Ye:"Support Community-Scale Intervention Initiatives by Visually Mining Social Media Trajectory Data." 2017/07/24
Academic report by Professor Xinyue Ye :"Visual Analytics for Urban Trajectory Data." 2017/07/23
Academic report by Professor Wenping Yuan:"Research Status and Development of Ecosystem Models." 2017/06/23
Academic report by Professor Bin Jiang:"Why Is Euclidean Geometric Thinking So Wrong for Maps and Mapping in the Era of BIG Data?" 2017/06/20
Academic report by Professor Zongliang Yang:"Land Surface Modeling: Past,Present and Future" 2017/06/14