OpenGMS Lectures(四):"Modelling Socio-Environmental Systems" by Prof. Tony Jakeman


Professor Tony Jakeman was invited by OpenGMS Team to give a lecture on Modelling Socio-Environmental Systems: good practice, challenges and links with Integrated Assessment.

Firstly, Professor Tony Jakeman explained what is a Socio-Environmental or Social-Ecological System, the strengths of SES and Integrated Assessment. Then, he showed us what does a typical SES project look like: the technical modelling of Socio-Environmental Systems, ten basic steps of modelling practice, conceptualization of process phases in IAM, and crucial integrative features of modelling systems that aim to provide support to policy processes. Then, Professor Tony Jakeman talked about how are these models integrated and what integration is delivering for Campaspe. In order to identify opportunities to manage risk and promote inclusive agricultural intensification, we promoting socially inclusive and sustainable agricultural and intensification in West Bengal and Bangladesh (SIAGI). Then he showed IA process in SIAGI. In the end, Professor Tony Jakeman discussed three major areas for improvement: 1. Scoping and problem framing: what is the role of modelling in the wider context? 2. Model evaluation: Fitness for purpose. 3. Managing iteration. Eventually, Professor Tony Jakeman gave us some take-away message which inspired us a lot and answered several questions raised by students.

Tony Jakeman is Professor, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Director, Institute for Water Futures and Director of the Integrated Catchment Assessment and Management Centre, The Australian National University. In 2012 he was presented the Ray Page Lifetime Achievement Award by Simulation Australia. In 2011 he was awarded the Silver Medal of Masaryk University. His h-index is in the 40s and he is regularly on the most highly cited researcher list by Thomson Reuters (top 1% Computer Science). In 2016 he was elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union.Scientific and organisational activities include: Editor-in-Chief, Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling; Foundation President, International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (2000-2006) and elected Fellow (2004); Inaugural Lifetime Award, Past President and Fellow, Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand, Inc.; Past Vice-President, International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation.