OpenGMS Team Attend the 23rd International Congress on Modelling and Simulation in Canberra, Australia


当地时间12月1日,团队成员陈旻教授、乐松山副教授、博士后Hyeongmo Koo及博士生张丰源、王进参加在澳大利亚堪培拉举办的第23届国际建模与模拟大会。会上,乐松山、Hyeongmo Koo、张丰源、王进分别做报告,期间陈旻教授带领团队参加了圆桌讨论。

2日上午,王进、张丰源分别以“A Study on Configurable Visualization Strategy of Geo-Data in the Open Web Environment”,“Service-oriented Interfaces Design for Distributed Geographical Simulation Resources Usage in the Web Environment”为题目做报告。5日下午和6日上午,乐松山副教授、Hyeongmo Koo博士分别以“A Participatory Geographic Modeling Platform: Solving Complex Geographic Problems through Collaboration”和“A global sensitivity analysis for spatially distributed watershed models: a holistic analysis applied to SWAT for input datasets and model parameters”为题目做报告。