A.Stewart Fotheringham, Professor at Arizona State University, teaches at Nanjing Normal University


2018年6月12日,亚利桑那州立大学空间分析研究中心主任A.Stewart Fotheringham教授来到南京,并在6月13日于仙林宾馆做了名为 “Big Models of Spatial Processes” 的专题报告,当日下午参观了地理科学学院,并与开放式地理建模小组进行了交流,对开放式地理建模小组所做的工作给予充分肯定。之后在6月14日至6月16日的上午在广乐楼为地理科学学院研究生进行了为期三天的 ”Geographically Weighted Regression” 的课程。

A.Stewart Fotheringham教授在第一天对地理加权回归模型(GWR)做了介绍,并讲解了相关的软件的使用方法。在第二天的课程中介绍了GWR未来遇到的问题以及GWR变量的选取,GWR的推论等,在最后一天的课程中则介绍了多重共线性与GWR的关系,多尺度的GWR(MGWR),以2016年美国总统大选为例介绍了MGWR的应用案例。本次A.Stewart Fotheringham的授课,同学们都积极参与,在课程中系统学习了地理加权回归模型,加强了对空间统计相关知识的理解,最终活动圆满成功。

A. Stewart Fotheringham is a University Professor of Computational Spatial Science in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University. He is also Director of the Spatial Analysis Research Center (SPARC) and a Distinguished Scientist in the Ann Wrigley Sustainability Institute. He is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences and of Academia Europaea and a Fellow of the UK’s Academy of Social Sciences. He has been awarded over $15m in funding, published 12 books and over 200 research publications. His research interests are in the analysis of spatial data sets using statistical, mathematical and computational methods. He is well-known in the fields of spatial interaction modeling and local statistical analysis. He has substantive interests in health data, crime patterns, retailing and migration. He has just been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Chinese Professional Association of GIS.