Exploring Interoperability of Open Modeling Platforms has been founded


The Exploring Interoperability of Open Modeling Platforms has been founded. Min Chen (Nanjing Normal University) and Albert Kettner (University of Colorado) are the chairs of the platforms.

The goal of the Exploring interoperability of open modeling platforms Initiative (currently 21 members) is to make models interoperable between modeling platforms. Open modeling platforms (e.g. CSDMS, OpenGMS, HydroShare) are increasingly emerging to encourage scientists to apply numerical models for their research. Through these platforms it becomes easier to run models in a stand-alone or coupled configuration. To do so, models are configured or wrapped according to specific platform standards. However, each open modeling platform has its own set of standards. This new initiative is proposed to explore interoperability for open modeling platforms to enable resource exchange. Technical issues include designing model standards and specifications that can be used across different platforms, developing a generic wrapper on top of the existing wrapper under one generic platform, etc.

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